Commercial Off-Grid Solar with Storage

Gain energy independence, access to electricity or reduce diesel generator costs for your business leveraging our complete off-grid solutions for small businesses.

Solar Solution for:


  • Independence from spiraling diesel generation costs
  • For remote business, save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges
  • Reliable and scalable off-grid solution up to 76 kW (IEC) / 61 kW (UL)

1.2 billion people around the world have no access to grid power. The demand for commercial off-grid solar system with storage is on the rise. In this video, you’ll learn Schneider Electric’s offerings for commercial off-grid applications including Conext™ XW+ and SW inverters, Conext™ MPPT charge controllers and the monitoring solutions.


For off-grid businesses, power consumption is typically heaviest during the day when PV production is highest. If there is nighttime consumption, PV energy must be stored for later use. AC Coupling the PV system with the ConextTM XW+ is a simple and cost effective method of providing power for business activities during the day. Sizing the PV system at up to 1.25 times the rated inverter/charger power allows for loads to be powered and battery charging to occur simultaneously during the day. Over production of PV energy is curtailed by ConextTM XW+. DC Coupling the PV system with the ConextTM XW+ using ConextTM MPPT Solar Charge controllers is also an option. ConextTM XW+ will provide power for the AC loads and can also charge the battery bank from diesel generator power. The off-grid diesel generator is used as backup to PV and to extend autonomy. Batteries and Solar PV can be scaled up as needed for the required autonomy. ComBox and System Control Panel are used for monitoring and control. Conext solutions include:

  • Powerful load starting
  • GenSupport for small generators
  • Fast efficient
  • ChargePower technology
  • CouplingPower – AC or DC couple with PV power