Rooftop for Self-Consumption / Net Metering

As electricity prices and solar becomes increasingly competitive, realize maximum total savings on energy costs with our hybrid solution for commercial and industrial buildings.

Solar Solution for:


  • Meet your green targets
  • Contribute to more renewable energy
  • Reduce your utility bill
  • Invest for less OPEX and 5 to 10 year ROI


Leverage your roof or field to produce energy with solar rooftop / facade or ground panels. Reduce your grid usage, and bill, to zero during sun hours, injecting the energy produced directly into your building. Sell the surplus production to the grid (where allowed), or curtail the production with embedded controls. We propose top-of-the-line string inverters for commercial applications, large roofs, alongside with energy production monitoring and controls. We provide reliable and safe solutions to connect to the electrical panels and building’s power network, with Schneider Electric low voltage portfolio. Our network of expert partners in the world will support you to install and service the solar plant. You will enjoy maximum yield in power production and return on investment. Our expert partners will also help you find funding & subsidies for your project (if programs exist in your country). Develop a greener energy supply, up to 40% of your consumption, with solar.