Blackout doesn't mean you have to lose electricity

Whether your primary goal is to protect your home from power outages or be more sustainable, your home energy management shouldn’t be complex. Schneider Electric offers a home backup solution that works on unexpected occasions and helps you save money at other times.

Turn your garage into a smart energy hub

Protect your home’s power supply when the grid goes out. Save on energy costs with utility time of use and demand charge optimization. Schneider Electric’s smart home backup solution includes the hybrid inverter, solar charge controllers, monitoring software, and balance of systems, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

Why Schneider Electric’s Smart Home Backup Solution?

True home backup

Electricity demands are not consistent – occasional use of a certain appliance such as a laundry machine can require more electricity. With a high power rating and surge capability, Schneider Electric’s XW Pro has the power to handle dynamic backup power loads and better load handling.

Flexible Battery Capacity

The XW Pro offers flexible battery compatibility and flexible energy capacity per inverter, optimizing system designs according to your energy consumption needs and budget.

Optional Generator Integration

For prolonged outages, many of our customers consider adding a generator. Our solution is compatible with generators, providing seamless transition so that you don’t have to manually turn on the generator.

Manage Your Energy Footprint at Your Fingertips

Our energy management software is available on mobile or laptop. Homeowners can see their energy production and consumption from mobile or web apps and control your solar and storage systems.


Utilize Time of Use utility rates and charge your battery during the day and power your home from the battery at night.