PV-Diesel Hybridization

Green approach to fuel savings

Solar Solution for:

Cost Saving

  • Less diesel fuel consumption
  • Fewer generators need to be run
  • Eliminate transportation cost for remote sites

Better Environment

  • Embrace greener energy
  • Reduce noise pollution


Schneider Electric PV Hybrid solution through partnership with DEIF includes:

  • Schneider Electric’s Conext™ CL inverter
  • DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controllers (ASC)
  • Automatic Genset Controllers

Schneider Electric’s Conext™ CL inverters together with DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controllers (ASC) and Automatic Genset Controllers provide superior coordination to deliver the highest amount of PV power for hybrid PV diesel applications. This solution works with the grid and a diesel generator to form a complete grid management solution. Conext™ CL inverters are designed to respond rapidly to power curtailment commands from controllers enabling integration of PV power in hybrid grids. The ASC from DEIF controls PV power from the Conext™ CL inverters to integrate seamlessly with diesel generator powered loads. We offer a customization option to add an Automatic Generator Controller to provide a complete plant management solution.